My Art

Beautiful Butterfly

There are many butterflies that shine so much that they know they are butterflies,

Then there are those quiet butterflies that do not see their beauty but who are just as beautiful…

Anne you are one of those quiet butterflies, beautiful, kind, and caring and possess a beauty beyond the physical because your beauty bubbles up from the soul!

Because you love butterfly and the colourful life they represent you know deep down what you are,

You see your sister butterflies and you admire them without admitting you fly right alongside them—just as beautiful as they but more beautiful than most because your soul is also beautiful and your beauty is more than just skin deep!

This painting with so many butterflies serves to remind you that you fly among beauty and that you are beauty itself—

Of all of the butterflies in the painting you stand out and you are the soulful beauty that many other more colourful butterflies which they had…

You are the butterfly that many other butterflies admire!

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