My Art

Twilight Full of Life

I met him in the twilight of his life,

A darkish time full of turmoil, anguish, and constant change,

A time most people start seeking retirement and peace…

But also a time full of colours even amidst the impending night!

He was all things to me:







Close, and at times; as open as if I was his confessor,

Always caring—

This painting captures all that he was and all that he will forever be for me!

Richard will always be a marvel, and vibrant, and colourful to me,

Even when dealing with the dark tones and deep pockets of darkness that dotted his canvas…

He will always be that person I admired for giving me the chance of my life,

And for showing me a life so beautiful that I found great beauty even in the darkness,

And for being the silver chord that made possible the future I dreamt about from a young age…

I will forever be his Ruby in the night and he will forever hold my admiration and gratefulness—

This painting capturing the brilliance that comes from him…

And the wonders I discovered thanks to him!

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