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The Karaoke Contest!!

Talking about Karaoke, has something to offer, checked it out! Experiences and discover places for live karaoke. See and you will know where to roam around in China whether you want karaoke, shoes, dress, and a lot more!

Our company, ET2C International is celebrating this one great occasion, THE KARAOKE. This event is a singing competition with 25 gutsy contestants from the company—supposedly with good voices. Guess, the contenders were mostly known and registered last week.

Here is the thing, our CEO sent me a message informing me of this event (I had no idea there was a company singing competition) and I was amazed and excited about our party and the karaoke bar. As a song lover my heart was filled with joy and happiness, I joined! Yesterday, Marco our head in the department told me the same. “I love to sing, why not?” Hahahaha as soon as I answered, he immediately asked our organizer to please include me as a contestant. WOW! I can’t believe this was happening!! Me? On a singing competition? Hahahaha, if my friends will knew this, they would be shocked. I’ve never entered a singing competition, though I was a beauty queen once. I may have a good voice and heart for music but never in my life would I consider joining a competition! After awhile, I smiled and said, “That’s not a big deal, yes I will join!” Where did my courage come from? I really do not know. Ok, all is set; I will join the contest no matter what.

Now, my biggest problems are, what and where to find a nice dress, shoes, and what song will I sing? Will I win? (I’m no singer) With my head full of questions, I went home thinking of possible solutions!! As I arrived, I checked old clothes and found one good dress but couldn’t find shoes (will take care that tomorrow). I skipped the shoe problem and browsed a bit and found this site, also these videos were helpful and . And in my research I found something new–check out something I will look for at the gym . For first timer like me, it helped a lot. That night, I sang and sang to familiarize myself with the songs (without any clue on what song to sing). And it went great!!!! Frankly speaking I don’t have any problem with my voice, I am so proud that God gave me good voice and a little talent.

Friday, this day is the day!!!! And there’s still a problem that remains unsolved. My shoes!!! I have a pair but they are not appropriate. Lunch break, I went out and tried to find a store for it. Unfortunately, no shoes found (there’s shoe stores but they don’t have the kind of shoe that will suit to my attire!) I went back to the office and was thinking to just buy after office hour, and believe that I would and I could.
Will I buy my shoe? Will I win? Well stay tune for my next blog; I will give you the whole coverage. Visit for videos and photos of the contest because iloho catalogs regular life as well as trips…you could say documents the journey of life!

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