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The Karaoke Contest Part 2

Many of us like to be happy and put on top of the list of things we want to achieve in our everyday doings. We believe that those things on our list will ultimately lead to us to being happy. Small things that may seem insignificant may make us happy, particularly important if we are involved in a very interesting occasion or achieving a high ranking in any events. Just like this event, it was set to be informal and small but for many it was a once in a life time experience of happiness!!
It went well, let me tell you here.

At 6:00PM sharp, we were ready to go to the place at People Square Karaoke Bar where we will celebrate the competition (BTW, I was not able to buy new shoes). I didn’t even get nervous knowing that I didn’t have any proper practice. Well, when we arrived, the place was full people with excitement and happiness on their faces. Even though I am new at the company and don’t even know how to speak Chinese and most of them were new to me, the feeling I got when seeing them smiled was like I knew them a long time.

As soon as our CEO arrived, he made a quick speech and the competition started. You know what was the funniest part for me? Hahaha, I really can’t understand the crowd. The MC didn’t speak English when introducing contestants and while announcing the points. It was so such a pity that if I only could understand Chinese I would love and appreciated more the songs they sang even more. Don’t get me wrong, see, me and Richard were the only foreigners there, but for him it was different as he had a translator. Even that’s the case, I really enjoyed listening to Chinese songs, some were so very pretty, funny and sad. I therefore concluded that Chinese singers especially my officemates were great, full of guts and energy!!!

Every time the song and the singer stopped, applauses were all around and filled the room. The laughs and cheers of every people around made me feel so happy despite to the fact that I can’t comprehend their language. My favorite was the song by Marco, Gaogao and Nancy. I did enjoy as each moment, heightened my pleasure and made me feel truly alive.

Well my turn was even more exciting. I thought that if I will sing sad song I will only make my audience sleep… Hehehe… That’s why I chose the song of Britney Spears, Baby One More Time. I was the last to be judged but I was not even bored waiting for my turn because I was busy laughing while hearing those who were counting scores and raising stars.

As soon as I heard my name, I stood up and went in front. I looked into their faces and I felt quite nervous. Well, even feeling nervous; I still did my best and sang gracefully. I even sway and moved every bit of the song. While singing, I even like to show more of my talent because my audiences were singing with me!! I got 9 stars, 9.2, 9.4 and 9.5 points. I was very very happy and satisfied!!! But you know what the best prize was for me that time? Their claps, cheers, and smiles. I didn’t even plan to win though I really prayed for coz I would love to go on a trip to treat myself for my birthday coming up (truth is can’t afford going to a trip out of my own pocket only).

Furthermore, after the singing part, there was more zest to party. A Game which I thought “Give Me” (coz in the Philippines we have also this kind of a game just like them). They were having fun collecting things every time the MC asked for something.

Finally, they decided to cancel the part two of the contest as they already declared 5 winners of the Hangzhou free trip, and announced the 2 winners of the MP4 and MP3.

Without my knowledge, I am one of the 5 winners of the trip to Hangzhou!!!! Yeheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…Actually they were calling me but I didn’t understand.

Indeed, while happiness and pleasure gained only from temporary events and will definitely passes soon, it allows us to open up our senses and enjoy being in the moment. Simply let everything be and enjoy!!!

You could also join me to enjoy by viewing our videos and photos at


Mr. Richard -CEO

Ms. Vivian – Manager

Ms. Karen – Assistant to CEO


First Price: Free trip to Hangzhou

Second Prize: MP4

Third Prize: MP3

Top Five Winners:

Trip to Hangzhou: Me, Gao Gao, Marco, Peter, Alex Wang

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